How to Remove a Front Panel on a Dryer

When you are having trouble with your dryer, your first thought might be to call the repairman. But reconsider. Some dryer repairs aren't difficult, and learning how to open the front panel of your dryer can be half the battle. To remove the panel safely and effectively, you'll need a couple of simple tools and your owner's manual. The manual will help you become familiar with the dryer parts and help you troubleshoot specific problems.

  1. Disconnect the dryer from its electrical socket. This is extremely important to prevent electrical shock that could result in severe injury or death.

  2. Move the unit away from the wall.

  3. Locate the spring clips at the lower toe panel. Using a putty knife or a flat object, such as a credit card, slip the instrument into the gap between the lower panel and the door panel at each side of the unit and press back on the spring clips to release the clips from their hole.

  4. Lift and pull the panel up and off the hinge springs. The dryer front panel is now removed.