How to Put an Electric Water Heater on a Stand

When installing an electric water heater in your basement, it should be placed on a stand to keep it off the floor.
This will prevent the bottom of the tank from rusting or sustaining damage if water gets into the basement. You can create a stand for your water heater, at virtually no cost, by using a few cinder blocks or bricks to raise the water heater off the ground.

Step 1

Place two cinder blocks on the floor. You can also place four bricks in a square shape so that there is 1 ½ feet between each brick.

Step 2

Set a level over the cinder blocks or bricks to be sure that they are level.

Step 3

Place shims under the cinder blocks or bricks to make them level, if necessary.

Step 4

Take the water heater out of the box, if it was purchased new.

Step 5

Align the water heater so that the drain valve or faucet is facing forward.

Step 6

Lift the water heater up and place it on top of the cinder blocks or bricks and make sure it is properly centered.

Things You Will Need

  • Cinder blocks
  • Bricks
  • Level
  • Shims


  • Placing the water heater on a stand will make getting to the drain easier.
  • Set a square piece of plywood over the cinder blocks or bricks to create a flat surface for the water heater.
  • Purchase a water heater stand if you do not want to use cinder blocks or bricks.


  • If the water heater rocks when placing it on the cinder blocks or bricks it is not sitting level.

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