How to Tell a Fake From an Original Bertoia Chair

The Bertoia chair is one of the classic pieces of furniture, with a unique appearance and a modern concept. The steel rods sculpted into square patterns allow the Bertoia chair to have a light, almost fantastical appearance. Bertoia chairs complement a wide array of furniture. However, when purchasing a Bertoia chair, be sure you are purchasing an original, rather than a fake. The more you know about the design, appearance and features of the Bertoia chair, the easier it will be to tell a fake from an original Bertoia chair.

Step 1

Examine the design of the chair. The Bertoia chair is made of steel rods. It has a solid appearance, yet a contrasting airiness. If the chair you are looking at seems flimsy or heavy, then it is probably a fake.

Step 2

Determine the manufacturer of the chair. Knoll is the manufacturer of the genuine Bertoia chair. If the manufacturer is not Knoll, it is not a Bertoia chair.

Step 3

Find out where the chair was made. Bertoia chairs are made in Italy. A fake Bertoia chair may not be manufactured in Italy.

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