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How to Remove the Agitator in an Estate Washer

Nathan McGinty

Estate appliances are a low cost series of household helpers manufactured by Whirlpool. Estate offers two models of washers, a large 2.5 cubic foot capacity washer and a larger 3.2 cubic foot capacity model. Both of these washers use agitators to keep the laundry circulating in the wash tub. Unfortunately, sometimes these agitators break, or get laundry stuck underneath them. In that case, you'll have to remove the agitator in your Estate washer.

A broken agitator can ruin laundry day
  1. Unplug the Estate washer from the outlet. Lift up the hood to expose the tub and agitator.

  2. Look at the top of the agitator. There will be a line running around the top where the agitator cap and the agitator meet. Take a screwdriver and gently pry it in between these two to pop the cap off the top of the agitator.

  3. Use the socket wrench to remove the bolt holding the agitator to the agitator hub.

  4. Reach underneath the agitator and get a firm grip. Turn your head to the side and away from over the washer tub. Pull firmly on the agitator to remove.

  5. If the agitator doesn't want to budge, don't panic. There are a few tricks you can try. First take a block of wood and hold it with one hand on top of the agitator hub. Tap this a few times with a hammer. Sometimes this can loosen a stuck agitator. Another thing to try is to run a wash cycle on the hottest setting. Allow the washer to fill up halfway, then stop the cycle. Hot water causes metal and other objects to expand.