How to Protect Wood Floors from Furniture

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They come in many different styles and colors. You may prefer a wood floor made from bamboo, or from the more traditional oak wood. With the proper care, wood floors are also long-lasting. Unfortunately, wood floors are also prone to scratching, particularly if you like to rearrange your furniture. Take a few preventative steps to minimize the possibility of scratching the floor underneath your furniture.

Protect your wood floor from scratches by furniture.
  1. Place a felt protector pad on the bottom of all your furniture. Most pads are self-adhesive. Some pads are wool; others are wooden or plastic and will need a small hole drilled into the furniture leg to screw them in. If you have pieces of furniture without legs (such as dressers), cut larger squares of self-adhesive felt pads and affix these to the bottom. Felt pads become worn over time. Check them about every month and replace them if needed.

  2. Protect your floors when moving furniture. Pick up the furniture completely off the floor to best avoid damage. If you can't pick up the furniture, slide a sturdy cloth, such as a heavy, thick blanket, under the furniture while moving it. You may also use a piece of plywood on top of the blanket for more support. Another option is to use furniture sliders--blocks of thick foam which, when slid under each furniture leg, allow you to easily slide the furniture across the floor.

  3. Place a "breathable rug underlay" under area rugs, as suggested by Armstrong flooring company. For example, you may decide to place furniture on top of area rugs instead of using felt pads. In this case, protect your wood floors with a mesh or a grid-pattern underlay between the rug and the floor. Also, place area rugs in front of high traffic areas, such as doorways and appliances, to protect the floor from everyday wear.

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