How to Design a Desk Out of Milk Crates

Anne Kinsey

No home office is complete without a desk and yet this important piece of furniture is often expensive, especially if your needs dictate a rather large work surface. Instead of paying top dollar for a desk at your local furniture or warehouse store, consider making one out of milk crates and an old door that you probably already have lying around the house. For next to nothing, you will have a functional work space that will have you down to business in no time flat.

The versatile milk crate makes an excellent building block
  1. Stack one milk crate on top of another and secure them tightly using heavy-duty plastic cable ties. Repeat this process with the other six plastic milk crates until you have four sets of paired milk crates.

  2. Set the household door that will be used as your work surface on the floor in the area where you want your desk to sit. Remove all hardware and thoroughly clean the door before using.

  3. Lift one end of the door up and slide two pairs of conjoined milk crates underneath. Repeat this process on the other end so that the milk crates are evenly supporting the door, creating a basic desk.

  4. Set two bricks on top of the door on either end of your work surface. The bricks will weigh down the door and make it less likely to slide around as you are working. If your desk will be supporting a computer or other heavy objects the bricks may not be necessary.