How to Fix an Amana Washer That Does Not Agitate

The agitator in the Amana washing machine is designed to move the clothes around, allowing them to be cleaned thoroughly. If the agitator stops moving, it could be due to worn out directional cogs or cams inside the agitator. You can repair your Amana washer yourself without a lot of effort in an hour or two, saving you the expense and time of calling a repairman to fix the problem.

Step 1

Remove the electrical cord of the Amana washing machine from the electrical outlet and locate the agitator inside the washing drum of the appliance.

Step 2

Take the cap off the top of the agitator by sliding a screwdriver between the cap and the agitator and pulling up till the cap pops off.

Step 3

Unfasten the bolt in the agitator by placing a socket wrench with extension down the top of the agitator and loosening the bolt.

Step 4

Take the barrier cap and seal out of the top of the agitator by reaching inside and removing the parts by hand.

Step 5

Lift the agitator up out of the washing machine by pulling it up by hand from the bottom and taking it out of the appliance.

Step 6

Turn the agitator, holding your hand over the top to allow the worn out directional cogs and cam mechanism to slide out from the top into your hand.

Step 7

Place the new cam mechanism over the new directional cogs and slide the entire unit into the top of the agitator.

Step 8

Place the agitator back into position over the shaft, checking to verify the cam and directional cogs are still in the right position.

Step 9

Place the seal and barrier cap into the top of the agitator and slide the bolt into position, securing the agitator with a socket wrench.

Step 10

Put the cap back onto the top of the agitator, snapping it into place, and plug the Amana washing machine back into the electrical outlet.

Step 11

Run the washing machine for about five minutes to verify that the agitator is working properly.


  • To avoid injuries, never work on the Amana washing machine while it is still plugged into the electrical outlet.