How to Install a Propane Heating Stove

Adam Raphael

A propane heating stove is a good way to lower your energy bill since it is very efficient and cost-effective. Propane gas is vaporized and this makes it a lot safer to use in your home than gasoline or other fuel substances. If you already have a propane tank outside your home, installing a propane stove is a reasonable and economical idea. Propane-fueled heating stoves are becoming a popular modern and effective alternative heating system.

Learn how to install a propane heating stove.
  1. Determine the exact position where you will be installing your new propane heating stove. The propane stove should be installed near access to the propane pipe. There are safety precautions to be followed, such as how far the propane stove should be from the wall. Check the manual of your particular propane stove for specific distances.

  2. Cover the floor around the propane stove with cardboard to protect them as you work.

  3. Cut off the gas supply in your home.

  4. Look for the gas connection on the bottom of the propane tank. Check if the connection reaches the area where the outlet for your propane pipe is.

  5. Position the propane heating stove so that the vent cap is against the wall. Install the venting system according to the instructions that came with your propane heating stove.

  6. Mount the propane heating stove between the studs of your wall. Attach the stove to the wall with a screwdriver and the screws that came with the installation kit.

  7. Connect the new heating stove to the gas line. Plug the gas connection into the outlet of your propane pipe.

  8. Turn on the gas in your house to test the new furnace. Wait a few minutes before you light your new heating stove to check if it is functioning as it is.