How to Repair a Hole in a Gutter

Gutters are important to any structure because they carry water away from the side of the house so that it does not have the chance to stain or damage the walls. A gutter with a hole in it will not properly function and should be repaired immediately. This type of repair is relatively simple and requires only a metal patch and some roofing cement. Properly repair the hole in your gutter and restore its functionality.

Repair a hole in your rain gutter.
  1. Scrape the area around the hole clean with a putty knife. Complete the cleaning process by brushing around the hole with a stiff wire brush.

  2. Insert a tube of roofing cement into a caulking gun and apply a liberal amount of the cement around the edges of the hole. Spread the cement a few inches past the edges of the hole with a putty knife.

  3. Place the metal patch firmly down onto the cement.

  4. Spread sealant on top of the metal patch with the putty knife to finish the repair.

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