How to Extend a Drain Hose on a Dishwasher

Nathan McGinty

A dishwasher can make short work of the dishes and silverware from your latest dinner party. These appliances spray water from your home water supply over the dishes to remove food and other debris. The water is then pumped out of the dishwasher through a hose and into your sewer system. In most installations, this drain hose is attached beneath your kitchen sink. Extending the drain hose on your dishwasher is a simple operation.

Keep your dishes clean with a properly installed dishwasher.
  1. Turn off the power for the dishwasher at the main circuit.

  2. Locate the end of the drain hose where it is attached beneath the sink. It will be attached either directly to the tail piece located just beneath the drain, or to a garbage disposal beneath the sink, depending on your installation.

  3. Use the screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp holding the hose in place beneath the sink.

  4. Apply a few drops of liquid soap to the drain hose coupling. Slip the coupling inside the end of the drain hose leading back to the dishwasher. Secure with the hose clamp.

  5. Apply a few drops of the soap to the other end of the coupling. Attach a drain hose extension to this end of the coupling. Secure in place with a hose clamp.

  6. Reattach the end of the extension hose to the drain inlet or the garbage disposal. Secure with the clamp.