How to Buy Wholesale Home Decor

Wholesale home decor offers a cost-efficient alternative for purchasing home accessories. Whether the decor is for personal use or will be resold to other buyers, the merchandise is priced below retail or department store prices. There are several avenues for purchasing discounted interior design accessories, and some do not require a resale license.

Buy wholesale home decor.
  1. Make a list of home decor needs. Create a list of the desired home décor items to be used in the home or resold. Include all interior design accessories that fit the theme and layout of the home. For example, candles, linens, wall hangings, dishes and furniture can be on the list. Break the list into categories by room and by price to figure an affordable budget.

  2. Browse the selection of furnishings and accessories on the Koehler Home Decor website. Koehler is one of the largest and most reputable online wholesale home decor dealers. Customers who order at least $750 worth of merchandise will receive a coupon code for 5 percent off their order, while orders of at least $1,350 will receive a coupon code for 10 percent off their total order. Koehler Home Decor also offers a free drop-shipping service for businesses. Many wholesale home decor dealers require business ownership to get wholesale prices, but Koehler does not. Anyone can order from Koehler Home Décor.

  3. Call wholesale home decor suppliers. Research suppliers and ask if they offer special hours for the public to shop. Wholesale suppliers' phone numbers can be found on Internet searches and through the yellow pages. These dealers often charge sales tax and mark up the prices slightly for the public, but their prices are generally better than those of retail store. DirectBuy allows consumers to enter a ZIP code to locate nearby wholesale home decor vendors.

  4. Shop at wholesale home decor clubs. Many businesses buy overstocked or discontinued items and sell them in bulk quantities at wholesale or below-wholesale prices. Sam's Club, Ollie's, Costco, Gabriel Brother's and B.J.s are popular wholesale clubs that offer retail items at a discounted price. Some home decor items at wholesale clubs could have blemishes or deformities, so examine the merchandise carefully before purchasing. Additionally, some wholesale clubs require a membership fee to shop at the store.

  5. Consider applying for a business license from the state. Many wholesale home decor suppliers offer the best prices to dealers who are licensed. For resale purposes, existing hobbies, interests or skills can be considered as business ventures that will help with business license qualifications. A few home decor sales to friends and family will help legitimize the business license application. Research legal requirements carefully and compare business license costs to expected savings.


  • If the home decor is for personal use only, avoid applying for a business license. This could breach business licensing requirements.

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