How to Clean the Vent on an Amana Radarange Microwave Model MVH210W

The vent or exhaust hood on an Amana Radar Range model MVH210W consists of two filters that are made of metal that collect grease.

Some Amana microwaves have an exhaust that needs to be cleaned.Some Amana microwaves have an exhaust that needs to be cleaned.
Air that is brought into the filters by the fan goes through the venting system and is discharged into the outside air. When the filters on the microwave become saturated, they will not work correctly. You can clean the vent on the microwave by periodically cleaning out the metal filters on the back of the unit.

Look under the microwave to locate the two metal filters that are on both sides of the unit.

Put your index finger inside the "finger hold" or pull tab on each filter. Slide the filter toward the back or rear of the microwave. Pull the filter down and then toward the front of the microwave. The filter will then will drop down and out.

Mix a solution of hot water and dish soap or detergent in a bowl or in the sink. Soak each filter in the soap-and-water solution for up to five minutes.

Scrub lightly on each filter with a toothbrush to remove any debris and dirt that have become embedded in the filter.

Rinse each filter in cold water. Shake the filter up and down to remove any excess water.

Lay the filters aside and let them dry on a towel for at least five minutes to allow for the remaining water or moisture to dry.

Insert each filter into its slot on the back of the filter opening. Pull the filter forward to lock it into place and complete the project.

Things You Will Need

  • Bowl
  • Soap or detergent
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel


  • The filters on the Amana MVH201W need to be cleaned at least once a month.


  • Do not use ammonia or other chemicals on the filters because they can darken the metal.


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