How to Store Propane Cylinders

Outdoor grilling is a favorite way to cook during warm weather and many families enjoy the convenience that a propane grill offers. Owners of propane cylinders should be knowledgeable about the proper storage of these units. Taking all the necessary safety precautions will ensure cylinders are stored correctly and will not cause damage to the home.

Propane cylinders are refillable or disposable.
  1. Position the cylinder with the relief valve pointed away from anything that could cause a fire hazard if propane were to accidentally escape from the cylinder. Cylinders with relief valves at the top must be stored vertically. Cylinders with valves on the side should lay horizontally with the relief valve facing up.

  2. Store cylinders in a well ventilated area. Enclosed areas will contain propane fumes that could escape from a valve that is not closed properly. Ventilation will allow fumes to disperse without causing a safety issue.

  3. Place cylinders in an area that is away from heavy traffic. Storing away from traffic prevents the cylinder from accidentally falling over.

  4. Set cylinders upright on a flat, non-combustible surface such as concrete.


  • Do not store cylinders beside flammable or combustible objects.
  • Do not store cylinders inside the home or garage.
  • Do not store cylinders in areas that collect water, such as grass or dirt. Exposing the cylinder to dampness could cause rust and damage the cylinder.
  • Propane could escape through the relief valve if the propane liquid is in contact with the relief valve and the valve is not properly closed.

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