Futon Unfolding Instructions

The futon is a well-known and popular piece of furniture that functions as both a couch or chair as well as a bed. Typically, the futon is stationed in an area where it can be utilized as a sitting couch during the day and transformed into a bed during the evening. Unfolding the futon from couch to bed is a simple process that is similar for most styles. Properly unfold the futon and enjoy a refreshing night's sleep.

  1. Pull the futon away from the walls of the room and make space surrounding the futon so that it can unfold unimpeded.

  2. Determine the location of the handle for unfolding the futon. The placement of this handle varies by make and model but is typically located on the front center of the futon, just beneath the seat. It is typically marked with a sticker which gives more explicit unfolding instructions.

  3. Firmly grab the handle and lift it up to disengage the lock, then pull out and walk backwards to unfold the futon.

  4. Gently lower the handle to the ground so that the legs of the futon gently touch the floor. Unfold the accompanying mattress to fit the frame of the futon.

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