How to Troubleshoot an Amana Radarange Microwave

Amana Radarange microwave ovens offer a number of features, like sensor cooking, melt cycles and an autodefrost option.

Fix an Amana Radarange microwave.Fix an Amana Radarange microwave.
These microwaves are powerful in all sizes. Amana Radarange microwaves are simple to keep clean, and they have easy-to-read display panels. Even though these microwaves are great pieces of machinery, they can malfunction. However, you can check for and fix the problem yourself in a number of simple ways.

Push the power cord all the way into the outlet in case it became loose and is causing the problem. If the microwave still isn't working, check for a blown circuit fuse, and repair it.

Check that the controls on the microwave are programmed correctly according to the owner's manual. If they aren't, program them.

Close the microwave door firmly. Touch the cook function on the Start Pad, not the timer. Check if the microwave works. If not, continue to step 4.

Program the Power Level correctly. If it's not programmed properly, the microwave will cook the food too quickly or too slowly.

Use only microwave safe dishes. Make sure food is evenly shaped and defrosted before placing it in the Amana Radarange microwave.

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