How to Vacuum Seal Liquids

Make delicious homemade soups, stews and sauces in bulk, then vacuum seal them so they last longer. Freeze the liquids in smaller serving sizes, so you can defrost when it's convenient and serve your family fresh, nutritious food. Many vacuum sealer users' websites, including preservefood.com, recommend that liquids be frozen before they are sealed for easier sealing and storage.

Keep homemade soups fresh longer with vacuum sealing
  1. Scoop the liquid, measured into your preferred serving size, into flat containers. Using flat containers rather than round ones will provide a flat product when frozen, making it easier to stack in your freezer for space-saving storage.

  2. Place the containers in the freezer until the liquid has frozen solid.

  3. Set up your vacuum sealer on the kitchen counter, directly over an open drawer. The drawer will help to support the bag while vacuum sealing.

  4. Remove the frozen liquid from the freezer container and place inside a vacuum sealing bag, leaving at least 3 inches of space at the top of the bag.

  5. Insert the open end of the filled bag into the vacuum sealing channel, then close and lock the vacuum sealer. The bag, which is locked into the vacuum sealer, will hang off the edge of the counter, with the open drawer as support.

  6. Press your vacuum sealer's "pulse" button until the air is sucked out of the bag. Press the vacuum sealer's "seal" button to seal the bag. When sealing is complete, hold the bag firmly and release the lock on the vacuum sealer so you can remove the bag.

  7. Place bags in the freezer, stacking one at a time, and continue the process until all of the frozen liquid has been packaged and stored.


  • This method is not intended for use with handheld vacuum sealers.
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