How to Repair a Hole in an Aerobed

When your Aerobed starts to deflate as soon as you use it, you'll know that you have a leak. When air escapes, your bed becomes less comfortable and essentially useless. You can patch the leak and save yourself the trouble and expense of buying a new Aerobed. Most Aerobeds include a patch kit when they're first sold, but you can always buy a new one at any home or hardware store in your area.

Patching an Aerobed helps it to hold its shape.
  1. Deflate the Aerobed completely. Once all the air is gone, use a mild household detergent, a sponge and water to clean the surface of the mattress. Let it air dry completely.

  2. Cut the vinyl patch in the repair kit to one inch larger than the size of the tear.

  3. Apply glue directly to the Aerobed. It should cover an area 1/4 inch larger than the entire size of the patch. Apply glue to the bottom of the vinyl patch also.

  4. Wait one minute. Press the patch against the mattress and push it flat against a hard surface with the palm of your hand. Hold it down for 10 seconds.

  5. Rub your fingers over the patch, working from the center to the edges. This removes trapped air from under the patch.


  • Do not inflate your Aerobed for at least one hour after applying the patch.

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