Eureka Steam Cleaner Troubleshooting

Patrick Nelson

Eureka floor steam cleaning appliances are useful to have around and are more convenient that any rental solution. The only problem with owning one is that you are responsible for the maintenance and the necessary clean-up after every use. Issues with Eureka steam can include the appliance not starting, the appliance not creating steam, water all over the place and whitish marks on the floor.

Change the floor cloth if the appliance leaves water on the floor.
  1. Verify that the Eureka steam cleaner is plugged into a household outlet if the machine won’t start. Plug the machine into any household outlet and turn it on with the button marked “On.” Try another outlet if the one you’re using doesn’t appear to work.

  2. Add water to the tank if the Eureka doesn’t create steam. Place the Eureka on a flat surface and unscrew the safety cap on the head, insert the included funnel and add two measures (12 oz) of water using the included measuring cup. Don’t overfill it. Screw the cap back on.

  3. Change the floor cloth if the appliance leaves water on the floor. Unclip the floor cloth clips on the base and remove the cloth. Rinse it under running water to clean it, or replace it with a new one. Reset the appliance on the floor cloth and secure the edges over the base. Tuck the cloth under the clips.

  4. Move the Eureka steam cleaner around if the machine leaves white halo-like spots on the floor. It’s been left in one spot too long. You can remove the discoloration with vinegar.