How to Take Apart a Dyson

A Dyson vacuum is made with a variety of interlocking parts that can be popped apart and put together without much work or many tools. The main reasons to disassemble the vacuum are to remove a clog or clean the machine. The company cautions that taking apart a Dyson vacuum in a manner other than that described in the owner’s manual can nullify the manufacturer’s warranty.

Step 1

Pop the cleaning tools off of the canister and wand by pulling them straight up.

Step 2

Press the colored release button at the top of the canister to remove the clear bin, which collects dirt, from the vacuum.

Step 3

Release the clear bin from the canister housing by pressing the release button on the back of the canister where it connects to the clear bin.

Step 4

Open the top of the canister using the release at the end of the canister handle to remove the filter. Dyson recommends cleaning the filter every six months, but it should last for the life of the vacuum.

Step 5

Remove the wand and handle from the vacuum by pressing the colored release button above the power switch. Slide the wand out of the hose by pressing the handle hose release buttons on each side of the hose.

Step 6

Push the hose release button at the base of the vacuum, where the clear bin sits, to remove the bottom of the hose from the body of the vacuum.

Step 7

Remove the small U-hoses from each side by pressing the thumb-sized release buttons between the hose connection and front of vacuum.

Step 8

Lay the vacuum cleaner face down to remove the housing from around the cleaning brush. Remove the fasteners with a flathead screwdriver to access the brushbar.


  • Make sure you unplug your Dyson vacuum before beginning any work on it. Also make sure to only perform repairs approved by Dyson if the vacuum is still under warranty.
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