Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote Troubleshooting

The remote for a Craftsman garage door opener allows operation with the touch of a button.

When the remote stops working, some of the problems are caused by the remote, others are caused by the opener. Make sure that you fully inspect both the remote and opener as anything that is out of tune may cause the remote to not work.

Inspect the opener's antenna if the remote works only within a few feet of the garage. Make sure the antenna, located behind the opener's rear panel, is pulled all the way down. If it isn't, the opener will not a receive a signal from more than a few feet away.

Wait 15 minutes after checking the antenna before trying to open the garage door with the remote. Repeatedly operating the opener in a short amount of time causes the opener to overload. Allow it to cool down, then try again.

Reprogram the remote--it may have lost the opener's code. You'll need a ladder to reach the back panel of the opener. Press the smart button on the opener's back panel and the remote's push button to synchronize the remote and opener.

Check the remote's battery by pressing the push button. If the remote's test light doesn't come on or is dim, the battery is dead or doesn't have enough juice to send out a signal. Pull off the front half off the remote housing and locate the battery, which looks like a larger version of a watch battery. Remove the battery and check the part number. Most Craftsman remotes use 2032 batteries. Buy a replacement battery, insert it into the remote and close the housing. The remote must be reprogrammed with the opener, so follow the procedure described in Step 2.

Make sure that the opener is getting power; without it, the opener can't receive the signal from the remote. Check the opener's power cord to make sure it is fully connected to the power outlet.

Things You Will Need

  • Ladder
  • New battery 2032


  • Most parts and tool stores carry 2032 batteries.


  • Do not allow water to get inside the remote's controls; this will short out the electronic system.

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