How to Remove Non-Slip Decals from Bathtubs

Steven Symes

The non-slip decals on the bottom of bathtubs provide security against someone slipping and falling while taking a shower or climbing into or out of a bath. Despite the decals’ usefulness, over time they tend to wear out or become dirty. The decals’ design enables them to endure a beating and an extreme amount of moisture over years of use, without coming loose from the tub’s surface. The decals’ durability presents a problem with removing them. It's necessary to use an anti-adhesive formula to defeat the decals’ adhesive.

  1. Peel one edge of the non-slip decal, using the sharp end of a cuticle stick. Peel back enough of the decal that you can grab onto the loose edge.

  2. Pull the loose edge of the decal up away from the tub and toward the other side of the decal. Do not pull the decal too hard or quickly or it will tear, forcing you to start over.

  3. Apply an anti-adhesive solution to the leftover adhesive and let it sit for an hour. Use a clean, dry towel to rub away the adhesive, repeating until no more adhesive remains.