Kirby Upholstery Cleaning Instructions

Kirby is perhaps best known for their vacuum cleaners. But the company also makes a number of other carpet and fabric cleaning products. Kirby's Foam Carpet and Fabric Cleaner is designed to clean all types of upholstered furniture. But before you apply it to your own upholstery, its a good idea to test it out first. Spray an inconspicuous part of the upholstery, and wait 24 hours. If the fabric's color or integrity remains unchanged, it is safe to use on the item of furniture.

Kirby cleans upholstered furniture.
  1. Vacuum or dust the upholstery to remove any loose dirt or dust.

  2. Spray the soiled fabric with the cleaner.

  3. Press the cleaner into the fabric with the cloth.

  4. Leave the foaming cleaner to work for 15 minutes.

  5. Blot the cleaner away with a clean cloth.

  6. Repeat as necessary.

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