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Kirby Steam Cleaning Instructions

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

The Kirby steam cleaning system is an attachment that connects to an existing Kirby vacuum. Assembling the Kirby steam cleaner and attaching it to the vacuum may seem confusing, but is actually fairly simple. Even better, learning to use the Kirby steam cleaner can be done in no time.

Preparation and Pre-Treatment

Before shampooing your carpet with a Kirby steam cleaner there are a few things you should do to prepare. Take as long as is necessary to vacuum your carpet as thoroughly as possible. Use a spray carpet cleaner to pre-treat any tough stains before shampooing.


The Kirby steam cleaning attachments are installed on an existing Kirby vacuum. To assemble the steam cleaning attachments, hold the nozzle and the tray together, then turn the knob on the nozzle to the red arrows. The nozzle and tray are ready to be installed on the Kirby vacuum cleaner. Push the vacuum foot pedal all the way down to raise the front before connecting the nozzle and tray. You can hold the nozzle and tray to the vacuum by turning the the nozzle knob to align with the green arrows.

Filling and Attaching the Tank

Before you fill your Kirby steam cleaner tank, make sure that the sponge and suds screen pieces are in place as both pieces are necessary for operation. Without the suds screen, the cleaner is unable to produce foam, and without the sponge, the shampooer may become clogged by dust from the vacuum's exhaust.

Three fill lines are on the side of the steam cleaner tank. Never fill the tank above the maximum fill line. Use only warm or cool water as hot water may damage the plastic steam cleaner tank. Add one capful of carpet cleaner for each of the lines filled with water.

To attach the tank, connect it to the vacuum where the vacuum bag would normally go. Take the hose from the tank and connect it to the tray on the front of the shampooer. Use the pedals on the side of the vacuum to lower the front tray as much as possible.


To turn on your Kirby steam cleaner, set the vacuum to "Drive" and turn the dial on the top of the tank to open the valve. Turn the dial clockwise for more foam and counterclockwise for less foam. For best results, steam clean your carpet in 4-foot by 6-foot segments. Pull the Kirby steam cleaner toward you to spread the foam, then leave the foam to soak on the carpet for up to five minutes. When you're done spreading the foam, turn the dial on the tank to "Off". Pull the Kirby towards you over the foam to suck it up. Repeat as many times as desired. The more times you go over your carpet with the Kirby steam cleaner, the longer your carpet will take to dry. When your carpet dries, vacuum your carpet to remove any excess loose dirt that was not picked up by the steam cleaner.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will help keep your Kirby steam cleaner performing at its best. After each use, take the steam cleaner apart and thoroughly rinse the pieces. Do not rinse the brush roll, just set it aside to dry. Dry the other steam cleaner pieces with a cloth.