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How to Repair a Kohler Whirlpool Tub Drain

David Batka

Kohler is a company known for its innovative and sleek kitchen and bathroom design. When it's time to repair your Kohler whirlpool tub drain, the job is rather simple. The rubber seal around around your push drain has probably worn out, letting water slip through into the drain. This is a very common problem, and one that you can fix with relative ease. Your local home improvement stores should carry replacement drains for your Kohler whirlpool tub.

Toe-touch Drain Repair

Repairing a Kohler whirlpool tub drain is fairly simple.
  1. Unscrew the center piece of your whirlpool drain by hand. This piece is referred to as the toe touch, and it's what you push up and down to open and close your drain. The center piece has a rubber gasket around its edge. If you can't unscrew the piece by hand, use a pair of channel locks to loosen the drain.

  2. Clear away any debris that may be stuck around the inside of your Kohler whirlpool drain.

  3. Screw the new replacement toe touch into the space where the defective one was.

  4. Turn on your tub and make sure the new drain doesn't leak.

Drain Seal Repair

  1. Unscrew the toe-touch piece of your drain by hand.

  2. Set the drain puller into the drain. Turn it counterclockwise until you've unscrewed the body of the drain completely.

  3. Remove the defective seal from the bottom of the drain.

  4. Set the new drain seal onto the bottom of the drain. Use the drain puller to tighten the body of the drain back into your Kohler whirlpool tub.

  5. Screw in the toe-touch piece of your drain.