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How to Repair a Torn Plastic BBQ Cover

James Clark

A rip in a plastic barbecue cover does not automatically mean a new cover is necessary. The plastic can become torn just by installing or removing the cover, which can snag on the sharp metal edges of the grill. Instead of throwing out the cover and buying another, try mending the material from the inside with strips of duct tape, which is flexible, weather-resistant and may outlast the cover itself.

Grills last longer when protected by a grill cover when not in use.
  1. Turn the grill cover inside out. Most covers are manufactured in a specific shape and size to surround the grill when lowered from the top.

  2. Lay the cover on the ground with the torn or ripped area facing up.

  3. Smooth out the area around the rip and push the torn edges together.

  4. Cut a length of duct tape slightly longer than the rip and apply the tape along the length of the damaged area to cover the damage. Smooth out the tape and press tightly to form a strong bond with the plastic cover.

  5. Reverse the cover and replace on the grill.