How Do I Find Discontinued American Drew Furniture?

Shelia Odak

The American Drew furniture company was founded in 1927 and produces a wide variety of medium- to medium high-priced home furnishings. Over its history, the company has featured many different lines of dining room, bedroom, and occasional furnishings, including lines designed by Bob Mackie and Jessica McClintock. Discontinued pieces are highly sought after because of their quality of design and construction. There are several avenues for finding these discontinued pieces on the secondary market.

  1. Go to garage sales and estate sales. Check your local paper for garage sales. If you do not subscribe to the paper, look online for the publication's classified section. To maximize your chances of finding something good, look for sales that list several articles of furniture rather than just one or two. If the ad includes a phone number or email address, contact the seller to find out if he has any American Drew pieces. Estate sales are another good option for finding large quantities of used furniture. The website The Estate Sale Network lets you hunt for estate sales by state.

  2. Hunt on the Internet. Searching online offers more opportunities to find discontinued furniture without the legwork of going to garage sales and estate sales. Two of the most popular places to find used goods are eBay and Craigslist. Both of these sites let you geographically target your search so that you can avoid paying the high cost of shipping furniture. Also, check the online classified ads for your local paper. These ads are a great way of finding furniture for sale in your area.

  3. Explore antiques and collectibles stores. These days many antiques and collectibles stores include used furniture as part of their inventories. This makes them a worthwhile avenue when looking for discontinued pieces. Let the owners of these stores know what types of furnishings you are interested in, and leave your contact information so they can reach you if something relevant comes into stock.

  4. Attend auctions. Like estate sales, auctions often include large quantities of furniture at bargain prices. To find auctions in your area, consult Auctionzip.com. It is worth the time to contact the auction house before the event to ask for a list of inventory to be sold. This will help you determine if American Drew pieces are included in the sale.

  5. Connect with other collectors. People looking for pieces of American Drew furniture are often the most knowledgeable regarding out-of-the-ordinary ways to find pieces. Communicating with other collectors through online message boards is a great way to find specific pieces you are hunting for. "Furniture World" magazine offers a message board for consumers and those in the trade to post inquiries.