How Do I Replace a Delta Monitor Tub Spout with Diverter Stem?

Delta manufactures the Monitor line of tub and shower trim. The line includes the 13, 14 and 17 series of faucets, handles and tub spouts with diverters. These packages include an adjustable stop to increase or reduce the water temperature and a tub spout with diverter stem to pull up and direct water to the shower head. These tub spouts with diverter stems must be replaced when they leak water out of the spout when the stem is in the up position or when they stick.

Bathtub spouts need replacing when the diverter stem sticks.
  1. Place a hex wrench on the setscrew underneath the bathtub spout. The setscrew is on the bottom of the spout and is indented in a hole. Turn the hex wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Pull the setscrew straight out.

  2. Place the screwdriver in the opening of the tub spout. Place another hand on the right side of the spout. Turn the screwdriver and spout counterclockwise to unscrew it from the wall. This should take about five revolutions to loosen.

  3. Pull the tub spout straight out and off the wall.

  4. Scrub any old plumbers tape off the pipe threads protruding from the wall with steel wool. This provides a clean area for the new plumbers tape.

  5. Wrap plumbers tape around the pipe threads in a clockwise direction. This should take at least three revolutions.

  6. Place the new tub spout with diverter stem on the pipe threads. Turn the spout in a clockwise direction until somewhat tight.

  7. Place a towel over the new spout. Place adjustable pliers over the towel, grip the spout and turn it clockwise to fully tighten. Align the spout so that it faces down into the tub's drain.

  8. Insert the setscrew in the bottom of the spout. Turn the setscrew clockwise with a hex wrench to tighten the spout.


  • Placing a towel over the new spout keeps it from having visible tool marks after tightening.

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