How to Make a Raised Plaster Stencil

Katharine Godbey

Raised plaster stencils are used to create dimensional accents on walls and furniture. The stencil is secured to the surface, then a material, usually a wall compound or wood putty, is applied over the stencil with a putty knife. After the excess is smoothed away, the material is allowed to dry before painting. The dimensional effects of using raised plaster stencils changes plain walls and furniture to beautiful pieces that bring a room's decor to life.

Using raised plaster stencils creates beautiful faux designs.
  1. Place the design on the work surface and tape the plastic sheet on top of it. Make sure your design or plastic cannot shift.

  2. Trace the stencil design onto the plastic using the permanent marker, allowing each area to dry before proceeding; this will prevent smearing the outline.

  3. Remove the design from under the plastic and re-secure the plastic to the work surface.

  4. Cut the design from the plastic along the drawn lines. Work with a slow and steady hand to prevent uneven or jagged lines.