How to Hang a Wall Mural From Pottery Barn for Teens

Kevin Ann Reinhart

Wall murals from Pottery Barn for teens add a colorful and graphic touch to any bedroom. Themes vary and can be matched to the interests of the teen. Unlike murals that are applied using messy wallpaper paste and come in panels that must be aligned exactly on the wall, the Pottery Barn wall mural is manufactured in a single piece on art canvas, and can be hung fairly easily, by your teen or by you.

Hanging the Jumbo Wall Mural

Pottery Barn has wall murals for teen sports like surfing.
  1. Have your teen and a friend hold the unfurled mural at the desired height on your wall.

  2. Use a level to position the mural.
  3. Hold the level midway along the top edge of the mural. Adjust the end positions until the laser runs exactly along the top surface or the bubble in the center of the traditional level is exactly aligned in the middle of the viewing window.

  4. Mark the top edge of the mural from end to end in four equally distant places using a measuring tape and a pencil. Remove the mural from the wall.

  5. Fit the drill bit into your drill. Tighten the bit with the chuck.

  6. Use a portable drill to make holes for your wall anchors.
  7. Drill holes exactly centered at your pencil marks.

  8. Use a hammer to gently tap in the wall anchors.
  9. Using your hammer, tap the wall anchors gently into the holes until the anchor lips are flush with the surface of the wall.

  10. Insert the screws in the anchors and tighten equally to provide a level lip on which the metal rails of the mural will hang. Hang the mural on the screw heads.