How to Install an Ikea Bathroom Faucet

Ikea is a Swedish-owned company that has retail stores all over the globe.

It offers home furnishings and accessories for every room of your home, including the bathroom. You can buy anything from a toothbrush holder to a vanity, as well as sinks, medicine cabinets, and plumbing fixtures at your local Ikea. Their designs are modern, so installing an Ikea bathroom faucet can help bring your bathroom decor up-to-date.

If you are installing the faucet on an existing sink, remove your old faucet first. Turn off the water supply to the hot and cold supply pipes under the sink vanity by twisting the spigot handles in the clockwise direction. Remove these water supply lines from the bottom of the old fixture by loosening the retaining nuts with an adjustable wrench in a counterclockwise direction. Loosen the thumb screw on the plunger assembly (if equipped) and the retaining nuts that hold the fixture to the sink, also in a counterclockwise direction. Lift the old faucet from the top of sink and put it aside or discard it.

Push the plunger rod through the hole in the back of the new faucet with the threaded side facing upwards. Screw the plunger handle onto the threads in a clockwise direction finger tight.

Connect the two flexible water supply line adaptors (comes with the faucet) to the fittings on the underside of the faucet and tighten them with an adjustable wrench. Twist the two mounting studs into the threaded holes on the underside of the faucet finger tight.

Push the black rubber circular gasket onto the bottom of the faucet until it is fully seated. Place the faucet into position, carefully feeding the flexible lines and the plunger rod through the hole in the sink. Make sure the faucet sits flush on the upper surface of the sink.

Push the black rubber gasket and white plastic separator into place on the underside of the faucet, making sure the holes in both pieces go over the two flexible lines and the plunger rod. Thread the two faucet retainer nuts to the underside of the sink onto the mounting studs you installed on the faucet earlier. Tighten the nuts in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench.

Connect the flexible lines from the underside of your faucet to the hot and cold water lines and tighten with an adjustable wrench. Make you connect the right hand line to the cold water supply and the left hand line to the hot water supply.

Slide the adjustable fitting from the existing plunger assembly onto the lower portion of the plunger rod on your new faucet. Tighten the thumb screw on the fitting in a clockwise direction. Turn the hot and cold water supply back on under the sink. Check for leaks and tighten any fittings if necessary.

Things You Will Need

  • Adjustable wrench