How to Decorate a Web Page

Good web design excites visitors.

Use white space to balance your web design.Use white space to balance your web design.
Award-winning web designers can create stunning web designs in hours, but their expensive fees might just leave you looking for alternative ways to beautify your web page. Don't fret. With a basic web-hosting package, templates are available that allow you to follow basic guidelines of web design while adding creative touches to your website to pique visitor interest. Your attractive decorations will encourage visitors to linger on your page to read content, purchase your product or forward your page to friends.

Sign up for a web-hosting package. Sign in to the back end of the website using your assigned username and password.

Open the list of available templates. Select a template with a large amount of white space. "White space gives a sense of spaciousness and overall neatness to a site," recommends Entheos Designs.

Select a font style. Fonts are a classic way to enhance your web design. However, remember that the purpose of text on a website is for users to read. Attractive web fonts are available on most computers and work best in dark colors such as black, navy or dark gray. An exception to this rule is with the creation of website headers and menu bars.

Create attractive headers for your website menus. Use basic shapes such as a rectangle or circle to add to the top of your web page. Choose a bold color that matches closely with your logo colors. If you are unable to find close matches in the template, choose a neutral color such as gray or black that complements your logo to avoid the clash of mismatched colors.

Add accents. Consider the products or services your company provides and choose three to four corresponding icons or graphics to separate various sections of your website. Find free icons or graphics from sites such as or Download the graphic, then upload it into your template by clicking the option to insert a photo.

Add photos, but sparingly. Photos work well as the main header of a website or in the center of the main page, when you select a meaningful photo. Enlarge photos on your main page so they are no smaller than the size of the text blocks used in your template.

Preview your web design. If an area seems cluttered, go back and remove an item. Choose "Publish to web" once you have made the appropriate updates.

Things You Will Need

  • Web-hosting package
  • Icons and graphics
  • Photos


  • Fancy, illegible fonts make your web design appear amateurish.

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