How to Install a Kitchenaid Wall Oven

D.C. Winston

KitchenAid manufactures and markets a broad range of residential oven units in either single or double oven configurations. Fuel choice, size, mounting position, features and preferences, as well as aesthetic options such as finish and controls, are all variable. You can install a KitchenAid oven provided you have the help of at least another set of hands and the skilled professional assistance of an electrician, plumber or both to complete natural gas and wiring connections beforehand.

KitchenAid manufactures a wide range of single and double oven products.
  1. Unwrap the oven, removing all packing materials and tape around and in the oven unit. Reserve a large piece of cardboard to set the oven on to prevent scratching or gouging your floors. Leave the shipping feet in place for now. Pull out the hardware, manual, racks and any accessories from inside the oven, setting them aside nearby.

  2. Lay down the cardboard in front of the location where you will install the oven and with two people, lift the oven onto the cardboard.

  3. Remove the oven door or doors by unlocking the two hinge levers at the bottom of each door, moving the levers forward. Place one hand on either side of the door to prevent twisting of the hinge assemblies and close the door until it stops. Lift and pull the door off the hinge assembly and set it aside somewhere safe from scratching or other damage.

  4. Remove the screws from each side of the oven trim. Pull the trim off the oven and set the trim pieces aside where nothing can damage them.

  5. Have a plumber or electrician make the electrical and/or natural gas line connections needed by following the manual directions for your oven model and in keeping with your local and state building codes.

  6. Grasp the oven on either side with your partner and slide or lift it into position halfway to the back wall. Remove the shipping feet with a screwdriver if your model has them and discard them. Push against front oven frame with your palms to put the oven in its final position.

  7. Fasten oven to the wall cabinets, if applicable, using the provided 1-inch screws. Use two screws for a single oven and four for a double oven. Tighten the screws down over the mounting rail until they are snug but not over-tightened.

  8. Slide the trim pieces back onto the front of the oven and secure with the provided screws. Slide the racks back into the oven.

  9. Mount the oven door by inserting the ends of the hinges into the hinge slots in the lower oven frame. Press the tabs into the hinges as far as possible and open the oven door to drop the hinges into final position. Turn each hinge latch to the locked position.

  10. Test the door by opening and closing several times to ensure smooth operation. Repeat for the second oven door if applicable.

  11. Restore power to the oven circuit to begin operation.