How to Repair Loss of Suction With a Bissell Shampooer

Kaye Wagner

Bissell Shampooers, used to wash your carpets and keep them clean, can sometimes lose suction, making them unable to pick up the cleaning solution and water needed to do their job. Usually a loose connection in the nozzle or the shampooer's tank will cause this loss of suction. This loss of suction happens to most shampooers due to wear and tear from normal use. You can restore the suction to your Bissell Shampooer yourself, using just a little hot water.

  1. Press down on the black gasket on top of the window to ensure that the nozzle is snapped into place. If the nozzle is not properly attached, the machine will not have suction.

  2. Lift the tank-in-tank handle to unlock it from the machine. Carry the tank-in-tank to the sink.

  3. Remove the lid by lowering the handle in the opposite direction and pulling the lid off.

  4. Pour out the dirty water by tipping the tank into the sink. The machine will not have suction if the dirty water tank is full.

  5. Fill the tank with hot water through the spout. Fill it to the fill line.

  6. Put the tank back onto the shampooer. Lower the handle to lock it back into place. If the tank is not attached correctly, it will lose suction.