How to Register a Tassimo

The Tassimo Home Brewing System brews hundreds of varieties of tea and coffee brands, such as Gevalia, Starbucks and Twinnings. Its T-Disc system allows you to brew a single serving. It takes only a few minutes to register your brewer online, which activates its warranty. The company often offers a free gift for registering.

Step 1

Locate your Bosch Tassimo product's registration number, TAS number and optional FD production code. The three codes are located on the underside of the product, on the product's packaging or on the registration card that came with it. If you have the Braun version, locate the serial and registration numbers.

Step 2

Fill out all registration info online. From the Tassimo homepage, click on "Customer Service" in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page. Click on "Register Your System" in the left-hand navigation bar. Select the radio button for "Bosch" or "Braun" to begin the registration process. Enter in your product codes and hit the "register" button.

Step 3

Provide your home address and promotional gift selection if Tassimo is offering a free gift at the time of your registration.

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