How to Repair Flexible PVC Hose

Flexible PVC hose -- for instance, normal garden hose -- can easily be punctured or broken. The hose can also break if water is left inside in freezing temperatures. Fixing the broken area is easy and quick, with the purchase of a hose repair kit. This kit is composed of a piece of tubing that fits inside the hose, and two clamps that are attached to the outside of the hose near each end of the interior tubing. Kits are available for 5/8-, 3/8-, and 1-inch hoses.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the clamps around the hose.
  1. Turn on the water to find the location of the damaged area along the hose. Mark the area with a felt-tip pen. Turn off the water.

  2. Cut through the hose 1/2 inch on each side of the damaged area, using a utility knife.

  3. Mix some soapy water, and pour it into the interior of the two cut pipe ends; this will lubricate the insides of the pipe. Push the interior tube halfway into one of the pipe ends. Then push the other half of the interior tube into the other pipe end.

  4. Place the two clamps around the pipe, and position each one so that it is halfway between the end of the interior tube, and the join where the two cut pipes meet. Tighten each clamp with a screwdriver.


  • Do not overly tighten the clamps, as the clamp threads will break.

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