How to Fix an Air Compressor Hose

An air compressor can inflate tires, sports balls and pool toys, as well as power paint sprayers, mechanics' tools and other gadgets found around the shop and home. Damage to an air hose is not uncommon. Repairs are inexpensive and relatively easy, but must be performed correctly to prevent the possibility of injury when using the repaired hose. Always disconnect the hose from the compressor during repair work, to ensure safety.

Repairing an air compressor hose is straightforward and won't slow down your job.

Cut your air compressor hose above and below the damaged area using the appropriate cutting tool. Discard the damaged section.

Check the ends of each cut hose section for clean, square cuts. Trim as necessary to even out each end.

Slide a hose clamp over each end of your two hose sections.

Insert one hose end, then the other, over the brass coupling provided in the air compressor repair kit.

Secure the hose ends to the coupling by tightening the hose clamps.

Things You Will Need

  • Utility knife
  • Hose repair kit
  • Screwdriver


  • The same basic method also applies to cutting and making two complete air hoses out of one.


  • Air compressors can generate in excess of 100 pounds of pressure per square inch. Faulty repairs can severely damage people and property if failure occurs under pressure. Pay close attention to your repair the first time you pressurize your hose. No hissing or swelling should occur at all during normal operation of your air compressor hose.

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