How to Reset a Bissell PowerForce Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Meredith Jameson

The Bissell PowerForce bagless vacuum is meant to clean carpet, stairs and upholstery and has a three-stage filtration system. The PowerForce uses cyclonic suction to remove dirt and debris from the carpet surface and has two rows of rotating brushes to rid your floor of dirt and other debris. Available online or in select department or home retail stores, the PowerForce vacuum should operate well with little difficulty. However, if problems occur, it may be necessary to reset the vacuum, which includes cleaning the filters to ensure proper functioning.

  1. Make sure the PowerForce is unplugged from the power supply.

  2. Remove the dirt container from the central unit and pull the filter cup out of the bottom of the dirt container. Turn counterclockwise to remove the filter cup. There should be two layers of filters; separate and wash both with warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly and then fit the filters back together and place in the filter cup.

  3. Locate the pre-motor filter, which is beneath where the dirt container sits in the main unit. Lift out the filter, which is small and round; rinse it well and dry thoroughly. Replace the filter in the vacuum.

  4. Set the filter cup back into the dirt container and replace the dirt container in the vacuum.