How to Install the Moen Banbury Toilet Tissue Holder

Paul Massey

Moen's Banbury tissue holder is part of the Banbury series of plated-zinc bathroom fixtures, offering classic accents for a bathroom. Available in two modern finishes, brushed nickel and chrome, and designed with a simple bracket mount, installation of this attractive accessory is an easy procedure to complete with common household tools.

  1. Mark the desired position for the toilet tissue holder on the wall surface.

  2. Position the mounting bracket layout template provided with the location marked in Step 1. Use a torpedo level to align the template and a small strip of masking tape to temporarily secure it to the wall.

  3. Puncture through the template to mark the wall surface at both of the post mounting bracket's center points defined on the template.

  4. Remove the template and punch an approximately 3/16-inch diameter hole in the wall at each center point marked in Step 3, using the awl. Slide one of the plastic screw anchors provided with the holder into each of the two holes.

  5. Align the screw hole of a circular post mounting bracket over the plastic anchor hole. Secure the bracket to the wall with one of the two screws provided with the holder, using a screwdriver, then repeat for the other post mounting bracket.

  6. Attach the left side post by hooking the top over the mounting bracket edge, then tightening the set screw at the bottom using the Allen wrench provided. Make certain the paper holder bar sleeve at the outer end of the post is pointed toward the other post when installed.

  7. Repeat Step 6 to mount the other holder post.

  8. Install the paper holder bar by inserting one end in the post sleeve on one side, then swiveling the bar upward slightly to insert the other end in the opposite post sleeve. Push downward to the level position.