Hoppe's Bore Light Instructions

Peter Timm

Whether you are cleaning your rifle, pistol or shotgun or inspecting a used one, being able to clearly see the condition of the bore is very useful. Visually inspecting the bore is difficult under regular lighting conditions, fortunately, the Hoppe's Bore Light makes the process easy. The light is powered by two AAA batteries and features a clear plastic tube that channels the light into the bore of your firearm. The light tube turns 90 degrees to allow you to easily place your light in your gun's action. Before inspecting any weapon make sure that it is unloaded.

  1. Open the action of the rifle, shotgun or pistol: if inspecting a revolver, remove the cylinder.

  2. Press the clip on the side of the Hoppe's Bore Light to turn it on. The light will stay on as long as pressure is applied to the clip, if you wish to keep the light on, slide the plastic band (supplied with the light) over the clip.

  3. Place the end of the light tube into the weapon's action, pressed up against the end of the barrel and pointed down the bore.

  4. Look down the end of the barrel and visually inspect the condition of the bore.

  5. Turn off and remove the Bore Light.