How to Unlock the Control Button on a Kenmore Elite Front-Load Washer

Sometimes, once a front-loading washer's control panel is locked, you may realize that you need to unlock it because you either made a mistake on programming the wash cycle, you may want to drain the washer or you may need to add or remove clothing.
It can be frustrating if the control panel on your front-loading washing machine gets jammed.It can be frustrating if the control panel on your front-loading washing machine gets jammed.
Unlocking the control button on a Kenmore Elite Front-Load Washer is relatively simple.

Step 1

Press the stop button on the touch pad twice. Drain the unit. Press different settings on the machine to make sure the control panel is working correctly. If the control panel is still locked, unplug the washer or disconnect the power supply. Leave the washer unplugged for two minutes. Plug the power supply back in. Check to see if the control panel is unlocked and if you are able to open the washer door.

Step 2

Alternatively, prop the front feet of the washing machine up using sturdy blocks of wood in order to gain access to the lower panel. Loosen three screws under the bottom edge of the lower panel under the washer door. Remove the lower panel (tap the sides lightly if the panel does not easily come off).

Step 3

Reach your hand inside the washer on the right side behind the front casing where the door assembly is attached. Pull the small tab at the bottom of the door latch down (this should release the door so that it opens, as well as turning off any previous settings on the machine).

Things You Will Need

  • 2 sturdy blocks of wood
  • Screwdriver

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