How to Replace the Belt on a Dirt Devil Swivel Glide

Leonardo R. Grabkowski

If your Dirt Devil Swivel Glide vacuum cleaner will not pick up debris from your carpet, or if it makes whining noises, the most likely problem is a stripped or broken belt. The interval varies depending on how often you use the Swivel Glide, but you can expect a belt to last six months to one year. Visit a Dirt Devil retailer to purchase the replacement belt. Dirt Devil warns against using substitute belts. If you can't find the proper belt at your retailer, order it from the Dirt Devil official website.

  1. Unplug the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide for safety. Flip it over to access the brush roll guard.

  2. Find the four Phillips screws. There is one screw in the center of the brush roll guard, two on each side, and one near the vacuum cleaner's wheel. Remove all of the screws and set them aside; you'll need them to re-install the brush roll guard.

  3. Grasp the top edge of the brush roll guard near the wheel. Lift this part of the brush roll guard up first, then pull along the bottom. The guard is now removed. You'll be looking at the brush roll.

  4. Pull up the brush roll and slide it out of the belt's loop. Set the brush roll to the side. Slide the belt away from the prong on the motor.

  5. Loop the new belt over the motor prong. Insert the brush roll into the belt's loop. There is a small notch on the brush roll. Ensure the belt rests in this notch.

  6. Set the brush roll into its holder. The narrow ends of the brush roll end caps should be facing downward; otherwise, the brush roll will not fit correctly.

  7. Position the bottom edge of the brush roll guard into place first, then position the top edge into place. Replace the four Phillips screws.