How to Use a Kirby Vacuum 2000 Limited Edition

The Kirby 2000 Limited vacuum cleaner is manufactured by the Kirby Vacuum Company, which sells vacuum cleaners and vacuum accessories online and in select stores. The Kirby 2000 offers the company's "Tech Drive" feature, which helps propel the vacuum across carpets and other surfaces, as well as a dust bag compartment. Operating a Kirby vacuum is slightly different from using other upright vacuums.

  1. Unzip the cloth compartment where the dust bag is installed. Ensure the dust bag is securely attached to the nozzle inside the dust compartment or install a dust bag onto the nozzle. Kirby dust bags are available online or in select appliance supply stores. Zip the compartment closed.

  2. Plug the Kirby vacuum into a grounded, working power supply and use your foot to press the "On/Off" pedal. The power pedal is located on the back of the vacuum near the base.

  3. Push the top pedal on the left side of the Kirby vacuum to lower the cleaning nozzle. Press again to lower the nozzle one more click. The vacuum noise will change in tone when the nozzle is in proper position against the carpet or floor.

  4. Push down the yellow pedal on the base of the vacuum. This engages the "Tech Drive" system, which passes some of the motor momentum to the drive and spins the wheels forward, helping propel the vacuum forward.

  5. Push down firmly on the nozzle pedal until it lifts up when cleaning is complete. Push down on the gray pedal next to the yellow pedal on the base to release the "Tech Drive" feature and return the vacuum to a neutral drive.

  6. Turn off the vacuum and unplug from the power supply.

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