My Maytag Dryer Won't Dry

The Maytag Company is known for home and laundry appliances, including ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers.

Users of Maytag dryers may occasionally encounter some problems that can be resolved through troubleshootingUsers of Maytag dryers may occasionally encounter some problems that can be resolved through troubleshooting
Maytag dryers come with a variety of options, including steam dry cycles, automatic sensors that tell the dryer when the clothes are dry, vibration control and large drums for high capacity loads. While most Maytag dryers should work well with standard care and maintenance, problems may occasionally arise. Troubleshooting the issue may help identify a solution.

Ensure the power supply is properly connected to the dryer and the dryer is turned on if the dryer is not powering up or functioning. Look to see if the fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped, noting that there may be two fuses or circuit breakers for the dryer. Reset if necessary.

Press and hold the "Dryness" button for five seconds if the dryer is not getting clothes as dry as you would like. This will increase the total drying time. If the dryer does not have this option, choose a higher temperature setting for the dry cycle and check that "Air Dry" has not been selected, as this option does not produce any heat.

Press "Stop/Cancel" and open the dryer door if the dryer is thumping during operation. Look to see if the items inside have gotten twisted or balled up, which will prevent the items from drying properly. Place items inside the dryer individually and distribute them evenly in the drum to prevent entanglement and to ensure proper drying.

Remove the lint trap and clean if the dryer is not drying well or functioning properly. Check to see if the dryer vent has excessive amounts of lint or debris and clean if necessary.

Start the dryer and hold a hand next to the dryer vent on the outside of the house. If air is not felt, the dryer is not operating properly and requires professional assistance. Turn off the dryer and contact a service technician.

Contact a service technician if an error code that has an "F" and a number or an "E" and a number appears on the display. This indicates that service is necessary.

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