How to Troubleshoot a Bunn VPR Coffee Service

The Bunn Company manufactures commercial grade coffee machines and accessories, including espresso makers, urns, thermal coffee servers and coffee makers for hospitality and restaurant environments.
The Bunn VPR coffee service can brew and heat up to 4 gallons of coffee
The Bunn VPR is a 12-cup coffee service brewer with two different warmers that brews almost 4 gallons of coffee per hour. The VPR coffee service does not require plumbing, is portable and should operate well with few difficulties. However, if problems do occur, performing some troubleshooting steps may help identify and fix the problem. .

Step 1

Wait two minutes between pitchers of water when pouring the water into the water reservoir if the water spills or leaks from the machine. This will allow water time to enter the dispenser, creating additional room in the reservoir for more water.

Step 2

Remove the filter from the filter compartment and wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid if the coffee maker is not brewing coffee quickly enough or making as much coffee as expected. If the filter becomes clogged, the machine will not function well. Rinse the filter with clean water and return to the machine. Insert a new filter if cleaning the filter does not resolve the problem.

Step 3

Locate the sprayhead underneath the operating controls on the main portion of the Bunn coffee maker if the coffee is not dispensing properly. Clean the sprayhead with a clean, damp cloth and remove any potential blockages. Remove the sprayhead if the blockage remains and insert the deliming spring, provided with the unit, into the sprayhead tube. Work the spring back and forth several times to remove any obstacles. Remove the spring and return the sprayhead to position.

Step 4

Contact an authorized service technician if the problem is not resolved.

Things You Will Need

  • Filter
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Cloth
  • Deliming spring

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