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How to Install a Kenmore Oven Drawer

Kenneth Crawford

Kenmore oven ranges have either a utility drawer or a warming drawer below the oven. When it is necessary to unplug the oven or turn off the gas, you must remove the oven drawer. There are also times when the drawer gets off track and requires re-installation. Removing and installing a Kenmore oven drawer depends on which type you have. Warmer drawer have slides on the upper side, while utility drawers have a roller on each side.

Warmer Drawer

  1. Pull out the warmer drawer as far as it allows. Remove the hex head screw securing the small shield to the right side of the drawer rail with a 1/4-inch socket wrench. Pull the shield off the drawer rail.

  2. Push the right glide lever down and pull the left glide lever up. The glide levers are on the sides of the rails. Pull the drawer completely out of the oven.

  3. Secure the shield to the right side of the drawer with the retaining screw. Pull the glides inside the oven drawer cavity all the way forward with your fingers.

  4. Line up the slides on the drawer with the glides inside the oven drawer cavity. Slide the drawer into the cavity until you hear the levers click, locking the glides together. Pull the drawer out fully to ensure that the glides are seated and the drawer rolls smoothly. Push the drawer into the oven drawer cavity.

Utility Drawer

  1. Pull the drawer completely open. Empty the contents from the drawer.

  2. Lift the front of the drawer and pull it out of the drawer cavity.

  3. Insert the rear end of the drawer into the drawer cavity, aligning the solid drawer guide inside the cavity between the top of the rollers and the ledge on the side of the drawer.

  4. Push the drawer back into the oven.