How to Install an Aqua Source Shower Head

Damon Koch

Aqua Source is a popular brand of plumbing fixtures. It is the house brand of Lowe's home improvement stores. One of the products that Aqua Source manufactures is replacement shower heads. The shower heads come in a variety of styles, but they are all installed the same way. The replacement shower head attaches to the shower's water line that protrudes from the wall. The old shower head must be removed before the new one can be installed. The entire task takes about 10 minutes.

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  1. Grasp the base of the shower head on the nut where it attaches to the water line. Use a pair of slip-joint pliers. Use another pair of slip-joint pliers to tightly grasp the water line and hold it stationary. Turn the base of the shower head counterclockwise until the nut is loose enough to turn by hand. Remove the nut and the old fixture.

  2. Wrap the threads on the water line with Teflon tape. The tape will help seal the connection and prevent leaks. Wrap the Teflon tape in the same direction as the threads so that when the shower head is installed, it will not unwrap the tape.

  3. Screw the new shower head onto the water line by hand. Make sure that the shower head is screwed on straight to avoid cross-threading. Fasten the fixture by hand until it is snug.

  4. Tighten the fixture using the two pairs of slip-joint pliers as you did when you removed the old fixture (see Step 1). Do not over-tighten the shower-head, or you may crack it.