Breville Yogurt Maker Instructions

Jamie Lisse

If you prefer freshly made yogurt to store-bought yogurt, you can make your own with the Breville Yogurt Maker. Sold under the Breville model name Yoghurt Creations, the Breville yogurt maker helps to automate the process of making your own yogurt. You can make up to 1.5 liters of your own yogurt from scratch in one program cycle with this yogurt maker. In fact, the yogurt can be made in as little as one hour.

Step 1

Remove the plug from the power outlet, if you have not already done so.

Step 2

Open the outer housing lid of the yogurt maker and take out the yogurt container. Take the container lid off as well.

Step 3

Pour in the yogurt mixture you have created using your own recipe or one from the users' guide.

Step 4

Put the yogurt container lid on and lock it by turning it clockwise.

Step 5

Place the yogurt container, which now contains the mixture, back inside the yogurt maker.

Step 6

Replace the outer housing lid.

Step 7

Plug in the machine and turn the setting dial to the incubation time setting that your yogurt recipe calls for. For example, setting one equals up to one hour, setting two equals between one and two hours, setting three equals between two and three hours and so on.

Step 8

Take both lids off once the the incubation period has ended. You should notice that the yogurt has set and thickened. If it is not thick enough, you can add more incubation time. Otherwise, put the setting dial in the “OFF” position, disconnect the power cord and take out the yogurt container to put in your refrigerator. It must sit in the refrigerator overnight.