How to Tell the Year on Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units do not last forever. They may begin to leak freon, blow fan motors or just stop working. To prepare for future issues and save up for repairs, it is best to know how old your system is. If you have forgotten when your air conditioning unit was installed, or if it was already installed when you moved in, you will need to do some research to find out the year it was made.

If you can't remember how old your air conditioning unit is, there are ways to find out.
  1. If you have a fairly new home and have not installed a new air conditioning unit, the unit's installation paperwork may be in the information you received when you closed on your home. Do not assume that the year of the air conditioner is the same as the year the home was built. It could be one or two years older.

  2. Look on the outside unit near the back, and locate the information label. This label should list the brand of the system as well as the model number and serial number. Write this information down.

  3. Contact the manufacturer and give them the information you wrote down. A representative can look up the model and serial number and tell you the year it was made. The phone number for the manufacturer is sometimes located on the unit's label. If not, you will need to look it up. The website site YellowPages.com can help you locate the number.

  4. Type the serial number and model number into the appliance search tool on the Appliance 411 website (see Resources). Select the name brand and type of appliance and click the "Date It" button. The tool will give you the unit's date of manufucture.

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