HoMedics SC-300 Scale Instructions

Irene A. Blake

The HoMedics SC-300 Scale is an electronic bathroom scale that shows a person's weight as a digital readout. The scale can show the readout in pounds, 25 to 350; or in kilograms, 12 to 160. Because the scale is digital, it requires little of the manual setting required with a mechanical or dial-type scale, such as turning a dial to zero. Instead, simply select a unit of measurement and stand perfectly still on the scale while it determines your weight.

  1. Turn your HoMedics SC-300 scale over. Slide the "KG/LB" switch to kilograms or pounds as desired. Turn the scale back over and place it on a level floor.

  2. Prepare the scale to take readings: Step on the scale completely, step off, and wait 30 seconds.

  3. Remove your clothing. Clothing adds weight, making any reading slightly inaccurate.

  4. Step on the scale to take the measurement. The weight will appear on the display as a number.