Instructions for the Skytech Remote

The Skytech remote controlled system is designed to be a user-friendly remote control system for use with Skytech gas heating appliances. Skytech’s remote system operates through two components, the handheld transmitter and the receiver connected to the heating appliance. These two components are collectively known as the Skytech Remote System. You can run the system manually from the handheld transmitter, and the overall operation of the system is quite simple.

Step 1

Install the four AA-size batteries that are supplied with the system into the receiver. Remove the back battery cover and place the batteries in with the “+” and “-” ends facing the appropriate directions.

Step 2

Flip the “ON/REMOTE/OFF” switch on the receiver to “REMOTE.” This will turn the unit on and enable the use of the system’s handheld transmitter.

Step 3

Place the two AAA-size batteries supplied with the system into the handheld transmitter. Remove the back cover and place the batteries into the appropriate slots.

Step 4

Press the “ON” button on the system transmitter. This will activate the controls of the appliance and turn on the display window on the handheld transmitter.

Step 5

Press and hold the “MODE” button until the display on the transmitter shows the word “ROOM,” then press and hold the “SET” button to adjust to the desired temperature setting.

Step 6

Press the “MODE” button again to disengage the ROOM or (Thermo) Mode. This will save your settings.

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